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Evaluation – Blogging


This year I have really enjoyed having my own blog to express my writing.  I have learned correct punctuation, many styles of writing, and how to make a great comment.  I also learned about other countries and the daily lives of many people there.  Blogging opened my eyes to different cultures and how their writing is different from mine.  It was great participating in the Student Blogging Challenge where I got to interact with others all around the world. The challenges were not only fun but taught me a lot about blogging.  I think we should continue blogging next year since it was such a great learning experience.  Some advice would be to start blogging earlier than 6th grade.  A good grade to start blogging would be 4th grade since kids are just starting to write on the computer.  I had such a fun time blogging and hope that I will continue blogging.

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Week 10


For the Week 10 Blogging Challenge I interviewed my teacher Mrs. Howell to get her opinion and feedback on my blog.  I asked her what her first impression was.  She said that my blog was fun and quirky, just like my personality.  She also thought my posts were interesting and enjoyed reading them.  She liked my pictures and thought they made my posts more lively and readable.  I then asked if there was anything distracting about my blog.  She was distracted by a couple of my widgets.  I took her thoughts into consideration and deleted a few of them.  Overall, Mrs. Howell enjoyed visiting my blog and seeing all of my posts.  I am glad that I got her opinion on my blog and have listened to what she has said.

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Week 9 Challenge


For the Week 9 Blogging Challenge we were challenged to visit at least three blogs and comment on each of them.  The first blog I visited was Siabhaon’s Blog.  Her blog had many fantastic photos and some really well written and interesting posts.  From there I went to Tessa’s Blog which also had many well written posts, my favorite being one on the dangers of earthquakes.  Then I went to Britney’s Blog which had a great Glogster on the true meaning of Christmas!  I enjoyed visiting many blogs and reading peoples’ thoughts on the world.  I saw many different styles of writing and will experiment with all of them.  I am very glad I got the chance to participate in the Week 9 challenge.

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Homework… Why?


For the Week 8 Blogging Challenge I decided to do a debate against Malia.  We were both assigned to debate on homework.  She thinks we should have homework and I think we shouldn’t.  Why shouldn’t we homework?

Homework is a distraction from spending valuable time with your family and friends.  Five out of seven days of the week children go to school for seven to eight hours and it is not fair to have two more hours of work!  Not including lunch and recess, that is about eight to nine hours of work a day!  After a full day of school, homework is just to much and a waste of time.  Children could be playing outside running around but instead are stuck inside doing their homework.  By playing outside and having free time it gives the mind a chance to rest.  This helps us to be more focused the next day in class.  Most children have sports after school and have to cram in time to get their homework done.  This causes a stressful and crazy night.  I am okay with having 15-30 minutes of homework but having 2 hours is just to much for a child’s mind to process.  These are a few of the many reasons why homework shouldn’t be a part of a child’s daily schedule.

Leave a comment below saying whether you want homework or not.

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Week 7


For the Week 7 Blogging Challenge we were challenged to be creative and artistic.  I decided to draw a picture of Justin Beiber.  My picture of Justin Beiber didn’t quite match his face but was still a good drawing.  I also made a sand paper drawing with a cool and fun site called  As you can see if the sand picture I used different shades of green, blue, purple and pink.  I thought these colors went nice together.  It was very fun being able to express creativeness for the Week 7 Challenge.



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For the Week 6 Blogging Challenge we decided to take a close look at many different jobs.  We had many activities to choose from and I chose to do the A-Z Poster!

A – Artist

B – Basketball Coach

C – Cop

D – Doctor

E – Entrepreneur

F –  Fireman

G – Gardener

H – Hair Stylist

I – Investor

J – Jockey

K – Kicker

L – Lawyer

M – Mailman

N – News Reporter

O – Octopus Hunter

P – Politician

Q – Quickest Person Alive

R – Rock and Roll Fanatic

S – Saxophone Player

T – Teacher


V – Veterinarian

W – Writer

X – X-ray Taker

Y – Yo-yo Maker

Z – Zookeeper


Which of these jobs do you think is the most interesting?  Leave a comment on what you want to be when you grow up!

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My Animoto – The Beach


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Week 4: Water Usage in Africa


For the Week 4 Blog Challenge we were challenged to go global.  I focused on the water usage in Africa.  Water in Africa is very scarce.

Every day women are forced to go miles away just to get water for their families from wells.

Every twenty seconds a child dies from a water disease.  This is because there is a very little supply of water in Africa and most of it is a muddy, brown color.  Approximately one in eight people do not have access to safe drinking water.

The Levi’s Partnership and the Water Project Inc. are organizations that are involved in bringing water to Africa. explains that, “Over 50% of all water projects fail, less than 5% are consistent, and only 1% of them are long-term monitoring.”

Let’s be part of that 1% and make a difference.  Don’t you believe everyone deserves the right to not have to worry about getting enough water?  I know I do.  Now go out there and make a difference.

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One Fall I WIll Never Forget


 It was Kindergarten.  We were crazy, not smart enough to know what could hurt us.  Didn’t have a clue.  I remember one day perfectly clear.  Malia had come home with me.  Friday afternoon.  Sun still high in the sky.  We went outside to my backyard.   Racing around the yard making airplane noises, seeing who was faster. Consumed with laughter, as we fell to the floor.  Swinging high on swings.  Both of us trying to get higher than the other.  Then I remembered.  I had to show Malia what I had learned.  Jumping off a trapeze bar, I had mastered it.  I ran over to the bar and hopped up.  I sat there a few seconds, breathing the still, fresh air.  One.  Two.  Three.  Jump.  Fall.  One fall I will never forget.  Landing, my body on top of my arm.  Pain, shooting up my arm as if the grass beneath me was poisoned.  Then I lay there.  Still, not moving.  Shocked.  All I heard was, are you okay?   I didn’t know, I only knew one thing.  I had succeeded the jump.  And had broken my arm.

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Commenting is a very important when trying to express what you think about someone else’s blog.  First, you should tell them what you like about their post and what is well written.  Then you can give advice if it is necessary.  Lastly, put a link to your blog so they will look at yours.  I hope you learned something about commenting.  Go make a good comment!

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